Working Weekend --- Once in a While

mmm, I worked so hard today. This is precious weekend that I can concentrate to work.
Don't get me wrong, I usually go out for parties, visiting friends, movies.....do fun things. During weekdays, I am often out for meetings etc. That is why this weekend is precious that I can work on documents and stuff piled up. Actually, I wanted to write about foods, but am tooooo tired. ( feels good though )

In this tired head, I'm still thinking what I should eat tomorrow..... not much in the fridge...so,
maybe bread and something light for breakfast, will go out for lunch. Some fish for dinner.....
Then realized that I was originally going to do " detox " this weekend... Oh, well. I did eat today already. Next weekend, I have plans.... so maybe in July.

Will write about last weekend and this week tomorrow. ( Last weekend, I had great Ayu ( sweet fish ) after playing golf in Ibaraki Prefecture. )

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