" Sleepless in Seattle" --- Tiramisu

That was another cute love story with the combination of Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks. ( " You've Got Mail " is played by the same combination . )

This movie was produced in 1993. I think Japanese magazine " Hanako " introduced Tiramisu before this movie and then it became popular in Japan. As you know, Tiramisu is Italian dessert, made of mascarpone cheese and espresso and biscotti.

Anyways, there was a scene set at Pikes Place Market. Tom Hanks is discussing how to find girlfriend with his friend. What he also learned from the friend there was Tiramisu. mmm, I have to get it somewhere on this weekend. I have to think and check it on the net first. Tiramisu is still out there, but our trend goes away so fast. I wonder who makes good one now.

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