Pony Park, Back Yard of Meiji Shrine

I was going to be home buddy today. There were parties, visiting Friends' places, events for the past several weekends. I was bit tired. Then this wonderful weather today !!! Oh well, I thought
I should appreciate this weather. Was ready going for a walk.
Then Mr. Ono ( Cafe ZINC) called and advised me that there seems to be an eco-event at Yoyogi Park. He knows I like this kind of event and always gives me those information.

OK ! I decided to go to Meiji Shrine to check out Iris Garden
( It's season now ), then walk to Yoyogi Park event from there.
I found pony park near the Sangubashi entrance of Meiji Shrine.

Have you been to this part of Meiji Shrine ? There aren't very many people usually. It's kind of backyard of the Shrine. Nice park. You can do picnic here.

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