Plum Wine Making ( Umeshu Making )

Plum wine making:
If you found good plums, please prepare as explained previously.

Grass jar ( usually 1.8 litter size ), Rock candy suger ( 1 bag )
Japanese plum 1 bag ( 1 kg. usually )
White liquer or brandy or rum etc. as you like ( 1.5 - 1.8 litter )
1) Clean the inside of the bottle, remove the stem end of plum, wash and dry them.
2) Put rock candy sugar and plum alternately as shown in the photo.
3) Pour your prefered liquer over the layer.
4) Close the lid. Wait for 3 months. Plum wine will be ready to drink. Remove the plum.
( You can eat those plums or use them for cooking. If you can wait for a year, the wine will taste better. )
I now have about 5 jars from the past 3, 4 years. One is made of brandy. They all taste good.
I use the plum for cooking with pork, chiken etc.. I drink this for cocktail, dinner drink or sometimes as nightcap.

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