Pasta with Tomato ( simplest cooking )

I had this huge tomato ( souvenir from Ota Market ) and spinach fettechine. Then I saw " Tameshite-Gatten" ( NHK program, which explains one theme scientifically. ) The last program was about tomato.

I cooked as I learned from the program. They said that Japanese tomatoes were different from Italian ones. It is better not to take any of the center part although it seems watery. ( It has the most glutamic acid )
Salt, Olive oil, Tomato, Pasta ( I used the above--- the photographed tomato and pasta ).
1) Shred the tomato. Start boiling water for pasta and when water is ready, cook the pasta.
2) Put the pan over medium heat. Put the oil. ( about 1 table spoon )
3) Add tomato into the pan. Cook for about 15 to 20 minutes. (tomato becomes sweeter.)
4) Sprinkle some salt into the tomato pan. ( as you like ) 5) Put the pasta on the plate, pour
the tomato sauce over the pasta. This is it ! It takes about 20 min, but no additional ingredients. Believe me, you will enjoy the fresh , sweet tomato. To enjoy the tomato flavor,
I wouldn't put any cheese for this dish.

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