"No Mercy" --- Craw Fish

Somehow, I am in love with Southern culture in U.S. I don't know what attracts me so much.
Of course, I like many other countries , regions and culture, but South has something very different.

This is one of the movies that shows some of the mysterious charm of the South. Deep forest, swamps, French influenced atomoshpere, etc... I still remember the scene that Kim Basinger grabs craw fish out of the basket and starts munching.

Since then I waited to have the chance to try craw fish in that area. When I visited New Orleans after a while for business, I ordered craw fish without any hesitation. That was great. The texture was like prawn and that small bite size red shell looked so cute to me. ( It looks like mini lobster . )

I am forgetting the exact taste now, since I haven't been there for a while. The other day, I saw a little restaurant which serves Southern cuisine in Shimokitazawa , Tokyo. I hope it's still there. I have to go try their food soon before I completely forget the smell of craw fish......

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