Natto ( Fermented Bean ) Soba --- Pasta Style

This is good for lunch or light dinner.
The noodle is actually soba noodle.
I usually like either 100 % soba ( jyuwari soba)
or 80% soba ( hachiwari soba /20% is flour ).
For this, I would use 80% soba because if it is 100%, the best way to eat it is zarusoba ( simply boil it in the hot water and eat it with soba noodle soup. )

After you boil the soba noodle, please remember to keep the hot water since it has nutrition of soba. It is tasteless, but you can just drink it or what we do at soba noodle restaurant is ( when soba was served cold ) add that water into the soup cup. and then drink it.

Natto 1 or 2 package ( up to your appetite)
Soba noodle ( just like pasta, up to your appetite)

Mentsuyu ( soba or udon noodle soup. Usually you add water to use )
Japanese basil ( or you call it perilla ) 2 - 3 leaves chopped
Olive oil 1 table spoon

1) Boil water. Put soba noodle, wait for 5 to 10 min. ( Please check the instruction. It depends on the soba. )
2) While waiting, let's add mentsuyu ( soba noodle sauce ) to natto. ( add some water and adjust the flavour).
3) Add some mustard or condiments you like. Stir well.
4) When the soba noodle is ready, take it out of the pan and wash it with cold water to remove stickiness.
5) Place in the plate, pour olive oil over it, put natto on the top. If you like, add chopped perilla,
dried laver seaweed , sesame etc....

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