" LOOK " Chocolate --- New Version

There are several recipes I 'd like to write..,but I am still working.
So, just one photo today. Writing blog is refreshing activity for me.
I am writing some English summary of some TV program for some TV station at the moment. Needed to catch my breath and went to convenience store. I found familiar Fujiya's " LOOK " chocolate in yellow box.... next to it was new face, which is the photo. It says " Beauty A La Mode " , Limited Time Offer for beautiful women. What a tempting naming. I giggled and immediately grabbed this chocolate !!! It has four fruits flavour --- Acerola for repair, Kiwi for reset, cassis for relax, rosehip for refresh--- Thanks ! I need all four of them. The taste ? Yes, it is pretty good for 100 yen. It seems " limited time offer --- KIKAN GENTEI " thing has been trend for several years now. We , Japanese are keen on the seasons, the timing---so you can find beers , foods, sweets, snack which say " limited time offer", that makes us feel " Oh, I have to try it now. "

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