Kimpiragoboh --- Fried Burdock Root and Carrot

This is one of the Japanese tastes of Mom's cooking ( Ofukuro no Aji ) . You can make variations by adding other ingredients such as lotus root, hijiki ( sort of seaweeds) or make other versions such as green pepper etc.
Usually, I shred them. This time I used peeler for both burdock root and carrot. It is better just wash both burdock and carrot without peel the outer skin, for the outer skin has the good flavor.
Half Carrot and half burdock root. Soy sauce and Sake ( Japanese rice wine). Sesame oil.
Hot chili pepper. ( 1 piece, cut )
1) Peel both carrot and burdock as shown in the photo.
2) Put the pan over medium heat and pour 1 table spoon of sesame oil and chili pepper,
3) Start cooking burdock. After a few minutes, add carrot.
4) After 5 minutes or so, when the vegetables are well cooked, add 1 table spoon soy sauce.
5) Stir well. Add 1 table spoon of Sake and stir. If you have grated sesame, it is also nice to sprinkle it over it.

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