Green Tea for Snack

Lately, I see green tea in many products. Of course, green tea ice cream has been there since I was a child. There are more variations now.
Glico's green tea pocky, green tea cookies and much more. Green tea has vitamins , catechin etc. There have been TV programs and information surrounding us to recommend Green tea as Japanese healthy drink, so I guess that sort of good impression is helping this green tea's heavy usage. Of course, I like green tea, so if it has good influence to our body, I 'm glad to hear that, though I try not to count on these information too much because the balance of eating food, drink matters the most.
This photo is Green Tea KitKat. I wish it had little stronger green tea flavor, but it tastes milky and good. Produced by Nestle Group Ltd. Limited time offer. ( It says)

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