Fukuroda --- Ibaraki Prefecture

Last weekend, I went to Fukuroda, Ibaraki Prefecture.

It was actually for golfing. Four of us drove to Spa Fukuroda Golf Club for playing golf. It rained a bit during the round, still it was
nice and fun since I hadn't played for several months. My budget this month was bit tight, but I decided to save other spending for this gathering. It was worthwhile to do so. During golf, I enjoyed silly conversation , which was relaxing, and my beginner silly golf.
After golfing, we decided to take a bath at local hot springs, which was great with the view of verdure. Although it is Ibaraki, the place was rather close to Fukushima prefecture. It took us about three hours to get there and three hours to get back to Tokyo. However, that is why it felt so refreshing and felt like two day trip.

The top is AYU ( sweet fish ). It is fresh water fish and has cucumber like smell, it is said because it eats bog moss in the water. Savory. The second top is Konnyaku. Fukuroda's specialty is Konnyaku, alimentary yam paste with miso sauce.
The konnyaku itself doesn't have much taste. The texture is like hard jello. It is supposed to clean up your intestines by its dietary fiber.

The bottom ( left ) is Yuba, soy milk skin. This doesn't have much taste. Faintly soy milk flavour. We eat it with grated wasabi ( Japanese horse radish ) and soy sauce.
Sekisho no Yu ( Hot Springs of Sekisho )
TEL: 02957-9-1126


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