Forest in Hanegi Park and Geta

This is favourite spot in the park. Hanegi Park is facile walking space and also good to get fresh air. It's small, but you can feel like being in a forest. ( It is small, but still it is a forest.)
People were walking with dogs, exercising, playing baseball ( in the field ).

This is the pair of Japanese wooden foot gear I wore today.
I bought these to wear with Yukata( Summer Kimono) , but I wear Yukata only once or twice a year . Instead of shoes or flip-flop, I wore these to walk. No problem. It was like flip-flop with wooden sound. It went well with my red shirt also.
If you are in Setagaya area in Tokyo, please visit the park once.
The closest station is Umegaoka ( It means plum hill --- In February, they have Plum Blossom Festival. ) on Odakyu Line.


KM said...

It must be very nice park Hanegi kouen...mmm air is fresh and birds are singing...in my imagination.
Walking in the forest without thinking but just singing my favourite songs...♪

alwayseating said...

Thank you for the comment. Yes, it is relaxing. I enjoy watching dogs, too. They look happy !