Sunday at Yoyogi Park. The event style and attendees were different from Earth Day. Mainly this attendees who set the booths were major companies, NPOs, associations. If I had more time, I could have stopped more booths and learned more. Unfortunately, I had one hour only to spend there. I needed to work after this.

"ECO" is getting into our life. Government is backing up, but we
can feel the movement also. I haven't seen the movie " Inconvenient Truth" yet. Need to check where I can see it, or maybe on DVD. This is the third "ECO" event since April. ( Earth Day, LOHAS Awards, then this ). Probably there are more.

I can always learn from books and internets ,but for me, it always helps to meet people and learn from them. The bottom photo is Iced Organic Green Tea Latte . It was good !
( You pay 100 yen first and get this cup. Bring the cup to the shop and ask for your drink.
After drinking it, return the cup to the original booth and get refund of 100 yen. Same for food)


Cazzie!!! said...

Your blog is very informative. I liked this post. I will be back again to learn many things from you I suspect.

alwayseating said...

Dear cazzie, thanks for your comment. I will keep trying to send out information from Japan.