Donut Lunch with (Mung Bean) Vermicelli Soup

This donut has chocolate cream inside. I picked it up for lunch on the way back to the office .
Donut was soooo fluffy. This is from the donut shop I wanted to try for a long time. They make their donuts by hand, so you have to wait for a while if there is none in the showcase. Fortunately, I could get the last two. The shop " Harrits" has been introduced on TV. That probably helps. The shop is located on the very narrow alley in the residential area, but there were several people before me in the line.
They have 6 seats cafe and you can drink coffee or tea waiting for the donuts.
In the meantime, the right hand side is bean-starch vermicelli (mung bean vermicelli) soup ( beans for sprouts ) . This kind is becoming a hit. According to Nikkei this morning, low calorie and nutritious. The one in the photo is the popular one, called " Toromi- Chuka"( thick Chinese) .
This has collagen and iron. Others from same series have Calcium, soy milk etc.... tempting for women. It tasted good. Produced by Knorr , Ajinomoto Group. Other manufacturers are
making the similar kinds, too. I' d like to try them also.
1-34-2 Uehara, Shibuya-Ku, Tokyo , Japan
TEL: 03-3466-0600

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