Dinner Combo

This was my dinner tonight. ( plus steamed rice ).
The upper left is Edamame Tofu. The right is sliced onion salad.
The bottom left is stir fried eggplant & minced pork.
Tonight is so humid, I need a can of beer... well, I have to work little more.... maybe not tonight.
Ingredients for Eggplant and Minced pork dish:
Sliced ginger 1 tea spoon
Sliced eggplant 2 cups
Minced pork some ( 0.2 lb or less is fine /100 grams or less)
Sesame oil 1 table spoon
Sake 1 table spoon
Soy sauce 2 table spoon
1) Put ( sesame ) oiled pan over medium heat.
2) Put sliced ginger into the pan. Fry. Add pork and eggplant.
3) Stir well. Pour sake, Soy sauce. Stop the heat.
Enjoy ! Make variation by adding mirin ( Japanese sweet rice wine )
or spicy chili sauce etc....

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