Detox --- Petite Fasting Over A Weekend

The word of " Detox " has been a Japanese word lately. I don't know when it came into our lives, probably three four years ago ? There are fasting center in resort places for people who like to cleanse their whole body and reset it. Those center offer packages such as 3 day mini package or one week package. I 've never tried it since if I have such holidays, I would prefer to go abroad. Instead, what I do once in a while, probably 3 , 4 times a year is detox weekend using Saturday and Sunday when I don't have any plan.

I make Friday dinner very light.
Then, Saturday morning, I start my petite detox course--- I cannot do complete fasting, so I try to drink lots of water basically and have vegetable soup, fruits juice , herb teaonly and very lightly. It is important to do this over the weekend because during working weekdays I need energy to work. While on detox, sometimes I feel light headed, less powerful and need to rest. Also, I cannot take bath since I would feel dizzy if I take hot bath. By the end of Sunday, it feels the body is lighter, cleaner. Monday morning, I would eat something very mild for stomach such as soup, congee ( rice porridge). It is about time to do it again, but not this weekend, so probably next weekend.

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