" Chew on This " and " E-Myth Revisited "

Have you read " Chew on This--- Everything You Don't Want to Know About Fast Food " ?
How about " E-Myth Revisited --- Why Most Small Businesses Don't Work and What to Do About It" ? They are both American books. (Both are translated into Japanese )

After reading these two books, I was little confused. The first one " Chew on This" is quite strict about fast food such as McDonald's. The second one " E-Myth Revisited" is introducing McDonald's as the ideal business model and praise it. Yet, I learned a lot from both books.

As a working woman who runs business, there are lots to learn from McDonald's business model.
Meanwhile, I would like to pursue businesses which help and support consumers' happy life style. Honestly, I do eat fast food once in a while. " Slow Food " has been a trend here in Japan, but our life and work requires us hectic days. I think it's inevitable to have fast food sometimes. I feel , if so, I hope the ingredients are safe enough, all the necessary information is disclosed and corporate social responsibility is fulfilled.

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