"Woman On Top" --- Brazilian Stew

Movies and TVs are not just my business, they are also my hobby. There are so many movies I adore ....Often I adore the landscapes, story lines, characters, historical culture....but
I always pay attention to the foods. So, I made the label for movie and TV.

I'd heard of this movie with Penelope Cruz' name. About a month ago, finally I saw it.
It's lovely, fairy tale like story with Brazilian chef ( Penelope Cruz ) who moves to San Francisco
and breaks through as a star there. The graphics are cutey and sweet, the Brazilian legend is mesmerizing. Penelope Cruz shows shining smile and slender figure in bright dresses. Her best friend's room decoration is bright, Brazilian and artistic. Fun to watch all the details. There is one food, which I have to try. The Brazilian spicy seafood stew ( soup ? ) . ( I haven't found the right place in Tokyo, I don't think " Sasi Perere" had this menu. )

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