Tamagokake Gohan --- Raw Egg with White Steamed Rice

This is one of the simplest meals. Rice, Egg and Soy Sauce.
That is all you need. If you would like variation, you can also put
Yuzukosho, Nori ( dried lavor seaweed ), sesame etc.
Today I used Shimatogarashi ( hot chili pepper from Ishigakai ).
Simple ,but nutritious.


Taro said...

Hi will you mind if I link your blog via my blog? I don't think we should compete agaist each other..lol
If you don't mind, please come to my blog and leave some comment since I don't think I can find your blog again from the list of millions blogs in tecnorati!!

alwayseating said...

Hi Taro. Thanks for your note.
My approach is different using women's perspectives, so I believe we are not going to compete !
Let's try to send out real Japanese culture to the world.


Taro said...

Hi dorry to delay returning and see your reply.
I was just kidding for leave "compete"!!
I'm also the one want to "broadcast" how our culture is!

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