Salmon and Veggies with Mayonnaise Soy Sauce

One Pan Dish , Simple Cooking
( not traditional Japanese , sort of fusion)
Lemon juice 1 table spoon
Soy sauce 1 table spoon
Mayonnaise 1 table spoon
White wine or Sake kind of alcohol 2 tea spoons
Salmon 2 cuts
Veggies ( such as tomatoes, green peppers, mushrooms, green veggies, onions etc. )
Parsley or green lavor
1) Put alminum foil into the pan. Make a veggie bed for salmon like the photo shown here.
2) Put salmon on the veggies.
3) Sprinkle lemon juice, white wine or sake over the salmon.
4) squeeze mayonnaize on the salmon. 5) Cover the pan with the lid. Cook over low heat for
about 10 to 15 minutes untill the salmon is cooked enough. 6) Pour soy sauce .
7) Sprinkle green lavor or parsley. Light flavor. Goes well with both rice and bread.

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