Pasta with Mentaiko ( spicy cod roe )

This is already Japanese classic and coommon menu at both home and restaurants.

Spicy cod roe, 2 - 3 table spoons
Shiso no ha ( Japanese basil )
Dried lavor seaweed , some
Butter 1 table spoon, Olive oil 1 table spoon
Pasta 1 serving
1) Bring water to boil. 2) put the pasta. Boil for required minutes. 3) Heat another pan.
4) Put the pan over low heat and put the butter into it. 5) Put Spicy cod roe, stir.
6) When the pasta is done, pull out the pasta and put them into the pan with butter and cod roe.
7) Stir and pour olive oil over it. Mix well. 8) Sprinkle shiso and seaweed on the top.

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