Misoshiru --- Miso Soup with Wakame

Easy miso soup.


Wakame (Seaweed--- I used dried one. You can find cut Wakame which you can sprinkle over cooked miso soup. ) little.

Miso ( Fermented Soybean Paste ) 1 table spoon for two bowls.

Dashi no moto ( or instant bouillon -- of course, Japanese one. Not chiken bouillon )

1) Pour 2 - 3 cups of water into the ( deep ) pan. Bring to boil.

2) Put Dashi no moto ( instant bouillon such as Hondashi from Ajinomoto ) into the hot water.

3) Put out the fire. Scoup 1 table spoon of miso. Dissolve miso into the water.

4) The soup itself is done now. Sprinkle dried seaweed into the miso soup. Stir.

5) Enjoy your miso soup. When you heat it up again. Never bring it to boil since it will kill
good flavor of miso.

If you could not finish it with today's dinner. You can cook Zosui ( Japanese Porridge ) tomorrow morning. ( with egg, green onions etc. )

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