Mango ( Marmalade) Jam Chiken

You can use mango jam or marmalade for this.
Any chiken part is good. I used chiken wings this time.


Chiken Wing 5
Mango Jam 4 table spoons
Soy Sauce 3 table spoons
Mastard 2 tea spoons
Honey 2 tea spoons
Butter 1 table spoon
Salt . Pepper and Flower

1) Rub salt and pepper into the chiken wings. Dredge them into flower.

2) Put butter into the heated pan. Brown them.

3) While waiting, mix mango jam, soy sauce, mastard and honey in a bowl.

4) When the chiken wings are brown, pour 3) over them.

5) Dress chiken wings with the sauce and bring it to the boil. ( low heat since it tends to get
burned. ) Wait for a minute or two.

Enjoy ! Delicious ! Not typical Japanese, but I don't care.

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