Koyadofu ( Freeze Dried Tofu )

It is easy to find Koyadofu ( means freeze dried tofu ---but it's in dry food section. Packed in a plastic bag ) at super markets or Japanese food stores. Here, I cooked with carrots and string beans. Koyadofu is first frozen then dried tofu ( bean curd ).
" Koya " came from Koyasan ( known as sacred mountain for Buddhism. ) Nutritionwise, it has good protein, calcium, vitamine E...basically same as tofu,but more concentrated in this dried ones.
Carrot 1
String beans 10 stalks
Koyadofu ( freeze dried tofu ) 5 to 6 small pieces ( if they are big, 2 to 3 )
Dashi powder ( bouillon ) half packet
Soysauce 1 -2 table spoons ( please find out the best taste for you )
Mirin ( Japanese sweet rice wine ) 1 table spoon
Water 2 to 3 cups

1) Put water and dashi powder into the water, bring it to the boil.
2) Add saysauce and mirin.
3) Add cut carrot ( like the photo ) and string beans ( cut in halves ) in the pan.
4) Add Koyadofu into the pan. Cook for 10 to 15 minutes or things are cooked enough.
Adjust the ingredients depending on your preference. No oil in this ! Feels healthy.

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