Home cooking & Everyday Food Life

In this blog, I will introduce what I cook and eat. Sometimes you can see what I eat at restaurants. We are not eating Sushi or Sukiyaki everyday. My cooking is simple and healthy. Nowadays, everybody is busy and doesn't have much time to take for cooking. Still, I'd like to enjoy food and eat healthy food.

I try to cook at home when I can and sure, sometimes eat at restaurants. I try to eat good food, organic food if possible. However, quality food is sometimes pricey, so I am trying to find good reasonable food. Still, I wouldn't refuse eating fried potatoes or unhealthy food once in a while. I can't be too strict about it. If it gets too strict, eating is not fun anymore .

If it gives you a hint to get to know how Japanese working women
are living everyday life and what we think, that would be nice and I am happy to share my knowledge and information I have. If you haven't come to Japan, please enjoy the photos and information I upload. Hope it helps you someday in the future. If you are in Japan, I know many foreigners don't know what to buy or sometimes feel lonely from difficulties in living.
I hope I can be of some help for those people. Please feel free to leave comments.

Thanks !

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