Fresh Mizunasu ( Egg Plant from Sakai, Osaka )

This Mizunasu ( watery big eggplant ) came from Sakai city , Osaka. It was advised by Ms. Kaneko's father to try it raw ( we usually cook eggplants ) and dip in wasabi soy sauce. Yes, I did try it for the first time with wasabi. I think Mizunasu is common in Western Japan ,but not in the area I grew up. ( I grew up in Tokyo.) Until a few years ago, I had never tried it.

Unconventional combination ! This eggplant tastes like a fruit.
Texture is spongy, light. It has slightly fresh fruit like flavor. Savory. Lately, I see Mizunasu at regular super markets. Try with soy sauce and wasabi ! New discovery is waiting for you !

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