Picturesque French Cuisine Experience ------ Sakura ( Cherry Blossom ) Sparkling Wine

There were many in the course.

This restaurant,  I cannot afford even lunch.
Luckily, a friend of mine visiting Tokyo invited me and I had once in a life time experience.

We started w/ this Sakura Sparkling Wine.


Ben & Jerry's @ Seven Eleven

Yes, you can buy Ben & Jerry's at 7/ 11 in Tokyo now.

I love 7/11 for this!  


Small House or I'm Hungry !?!?!?

In Spanish, this means small house?

In Japanese, it sounds like " I'm hungry."

This vegetable & seasoning shop was opened about a week ago in my area.

Vegetables are limited... only basic ones such as onion, carrot, spinach, etc...
They are so cheap.   They stock up the cheapest seasonal vegetables only.  That is why the prices are way lower than other stores.

4 min. from my place.  Yay!


Pickled Cauliflower

Do you sometimes get this kind of urge?   I wonder if my body suggests me when it feels " I need this nutrition!".

Today I felt  " Cauliflower" urge.
So made it.  Easy.  Used Sushizu= Sushi Vinegar.

It is a little sweetened vinegar, meaning ready made vinegar for sushi.

Added a little salt and a spoonful sugar and  some chili pepper.
Soaked lightly boiled cauliflower into the vinegar.  Chilled for a while.

Yummy and healthy snack.  

I had a good morning lesson and taught 4 students, two of them were new.
Always enjoy meeting long time students and new ones.  I learn from them, too.

Then worked on translation, enjoyed nice chat with friends and helped an IT engineer with English a bit and then helped by him on setting an e-mail account.

Nice Sunday.  Peaceful and joyful.  


Tarte Tatin @ La Palette

Tomorrow is off!  

One lesson in the morning, three meetings in the afternoon and one lesson at night.  Worked enough today.

First afternoon meeting was @ La Palette.

La palette has wonderful line-ups of sandwiches.  Sandwiches are reasonable. Their specialty is not just sandwiches.  Tea selection ( pot service ) has wide range of selections.  Then!  Sweets.

During the first meeting, I had a quiche plate.  Then this Tarte Tatin.
I feel this is a bit "zeitaku" for me.    Zeitaku means luxury or luxurious.

I don't treat myself that often.  I don't need cakes that often.  When I was in 20s, I often had them, but now this kind of sweets are just for special occasions.

If I am too tired, if I want to treat myself for something special or if I am with friends etc.  The meeting was with my friend and I felt " why not!?   I worked hard enough and I should eat! ".

God, that was soooo good.   Yes, I am going to work out tomorrow.
Need to shed 4 kgs to feel good.

La Palette:
2F 2-30-3 Kitazawa, Setagaya-ku,
Tokyo, Japan



Fuki Shoot ( Fukinotoh ) is Effective to Alleviation of Symptoms of Hay Fever or is this Placebo Effect !?

Vegetable Soup and Toasts
Since I learned Fukinoto Miso making at YUI ( Cooking Lesson / Cultural Lesson operated by Ms. Tsuchida and Mr. Sato.  Mr. Sato is the master chef and experienced professional cook ), I have been eating Fuki Shoot Miso almost everyday.

As mentioned in the previous posting, it seems Fuki Shoot has Polyphenol effective for hay fever.   Obviously, my symptoms of hay fever has been alleviated.   Usually, I use at least one pocket tissue paper a day during this pollen allergy season, but today, even during the morning walk, I didn't use any of tissue paper..... amazing!

The above photo is today's breakfast.  Left is toast w/ butter & marmalade, right is Fuki Shoot miso plus cheese, both yummy.

I still have Fuki Shoot Miso a half bowl left.  If I finish this bowl, I am sure that I will make another bowl again.... then, hopefully, the allergy season will be over by then.


Master Kozo Sato's Beautiful Work ----- Sardine in an Orange

Sardine Sashimi  sitting in an Orange

I cannot do this.  This beautiful work.

However, I learned how to cut the orange ( any kind of lemon, orange would work ).

You could mix some miso , grated ginger to add some more flavor.

Use the top part and squeeze the juice over the sardine.  It will taste beautiful with citrus juice!

Before setting the sardine, don't forget to scoop the orange meat.

I am so bad at pictures.  On the top of the cap of the orange, there is a leaf.... placed artificially.  As a decoration.

The class of Mr. Sato is called Yui....meaning uniting or binding or connecting...
He and his wife Ms. Kyoko Tsuchida are providing cultural lessons.... from Tea Ceremony, Japanese Room Setting to Japanese Cooking.

I just visited their home/ class the other day.  Hope I can participate in more of their classes.... If you are in Tokyo and interested in their classes.  Let me know.