Danny Meyer's Audio Book

For my English study and learning things, I am subscribing to Audible which is under Amazon's umbrella.   My new acquisition is this one, the founder of Union Square Cafe, Shake Shack etc.....   Since I teach hospitality English including cross-cultural mindset, am hoping to learn something from this book.  Narrated by himself.     Since there is still long line at Japan's Shake Shack, I have not tried them yet.   Will be different experience if I visit them after reading ( listening to ) this book.   Can't wait.

Spring Collection 2016 Bread, Clam and Shrimp

What is this?  Guess!

I 'd like to avoid " Spoiler Alert! " So, I will not explain too much.
This will be something later.... can you guess?     The process is more important.  
Clam Dish
Grilled Langoustine Shrimp


NOMA --- World's Top Restaurant Movie

They just finished Tokyo and moved onto other regions.

Shoot.  I missed it.  Lately, theatrical movies cycle is too short.

NOMA --- Danish Restaurant's Documentary

If it comes back here to small theaters, I can't miss it or I will watch it on DVD or NETFLIX...

NARISAWA's dishes have stories, arts and beautiful presentation as well as international staff's multilingual explanation.

It seems NOMA's dishes and their style is similar to NARISAWA.
Or maybe it is the trend now.

Spring Collection 2016 Continues

Finger Sushi

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This whole course is called Spring Collection 2016.

The ingredients are from all over Japan.

The top plate is Kobe beef and Ise Prawn sushi. The soup stock is made of sea snake indigenous to Okinawa.

Yes, they actually have the soup in Okinawa.

The bottom is sea bream from Akashi, Hyogo Prefecture.

Before Blogging about NARISAWA --- Pasta Alfred w/ a Touch of Japanese Flavor

Alfredo with Japanese Touch
I'd like to continue about amazing memory of NARISAWA.

After this post, I will do so.

Listened to my body or stomach, I realized I wanted to eat Pasta Alfredo.

Plain cream and cheese is good, but wanted to have something in it..... chicken would be ideal, but I didn't have it.

Used Japanese basil and Chinese barbecued pork.   Yum.

Alfredo sounds like Italian, but it's actually American pasta.... I learned.
( Check wikipedia )

Feeling satisfied, now ready to write about artistic dishes.  :-)


Spinach Curry & Rice w/ cherry tomato + cottage cheese

spinach curry & rice
How do you decide "what to cook" " what to eat" ?

I listen to my body.
They know what my body needs.

There is no logical reason, but it seems like my body knows what she needs.

This is from Sunday night.  ( I know I still have more pics from NARISAWA, but be patient, please. )  

Somehow, I felt " I'd like to have some spinach..... but not traditional Japanese cooking.... something like Marks  & Spencer's Chicken Saag Curry....didn't they have something like this?

Anyways, this is easy, if you have Braun's Multi Quick or Bamix.  ( Food Processor is also fine.  I just hate washing the big machine. )

Ingredients:  two servings

Ginger and Garlic    finely chopped  one table spoon
Spinach ( for myself, half package )  chopped.
Onion ( This time, I didn't use it, so not necessary)
Cherry Tomato       a few , cut in half/ for decoration and color
Cottage Cheese     one spoonful
Minced Pork       50g to 100g
White Wine or Sake     3 table spoons
Curry Paste ( I used boxed store bought curry blocks.  Used 2 blocks for 2 servings. )
Salt & Pepper  

1.  Heat the pan.  Start cooking ginger and garlic.
2.  Make spinach paste by using Multi Quick. ( Add some water first )
3.  In the pan, add minced pork.  Cook.  Salt & Pepper.
When the color changed, add white wine and evaporate.
4. Add 1.5 cups of water.  Keep cooking.   Bring it to boil.
5. Turn off the heat.   Add curry blocks.  Dissolve.
6. Turn the heat again.  Add the spinach.  After this, you don't cook that long.
Just 5 to 7 min. till the spinach gets warm or hot enough.

Ladle the curry over steamed white rice.  Place some cottage cheese and cherry tomatoes.   Enjoy!


BangBang Chicken --- for Breakfast

BangBang Chicken

Steamed white rice, Miso soup.

Bangbang Chicken and Cucumber.

Worked all day long.

Too tired to describe fancy dishes.

Quick introduction of quick meal.

Skin the chicken breast.  Bring the water to a boil.  ( 2/3 of the pot to cover the chicken. )  Put the chicken into the pot.

Turn off the heat.   Leave the chicken in the hot water and cover the lid.
Wait for an hour or two.   Keep the water since you can use it later.
Take out the chicken and tear it into narrow strips.   Put the chicken strips into the cooked water ( soup ) and place in the fridge.

This chicken can be used for various dishes.    This morning, I made bangbang chicken as shown in the photo.  Make the bed with strips of cucumber.
Place the chicken on them.  Pour sesame dressing.

Then, for dinner.   I made udon noodle soup.   Used this chicken and added some grated ginger and chopped green onion.  

Chicken breast is inexpensive and healthy.