Chinese Yum Gratin for Late Night Dinner

Chinese Yum Gratin 
How can I describe it!?    It tastes a bit like Takoyaki....fluffy, marshmallow like texture.

Very easy to make.

Half stalk of Yum.... grate it.
Stir one egg in.    I used toaster oven.

Cook it for 15 min.   The surface turns brown.   Then put a cup of dried bonito flake on it.  Chopped green onion to cover it.   Add one table spoonful soy sauce.  Done!

Delicious gratin!       I couldn't resist having a cup of sake with it.


" Gods of Egypt" Experienced 4D movie for the first time.

Roasted Pork w/ Cranberry Sauce
This is SILVER WEEK in Japan.
Golden Week is a long holiday week in May.  Tomorrow and Friday are national holidays and now this is called Silver Week.

Nothing special for me, but since I had tickets for " Gods Of Egypt", decided to try 4D and upgraded the given 2D tickets to 4D.
Wow!   The seat moves.   Water is splashed onto your face.   You can smell things depending on the scene....   How can I describe it?    The combination of amusement park and movie.     Entertainment industry is trying to find the next generation of movies.   I enjoyed it.    You might feel a little tired after watching.... I actually felt a little sleepy..... like after exercise.    Went to a cafe in MARUI Shinuku.   Cook Cope Cafe.   Girly place.  They serve healthy, light meals.


Vichyssoise --- After All Day Interpretation

6 hour-interpretation today.

Basically I am always hungry and love eating.

Today, I had too much chocolate during the break. ( Interpretation requires so much concentration and brain activity.  That consumes glucose in our brain.  Chocolate helps activate brain activity and concentration.)   When I came home, I felt not so hungry, which is very rare for me :-)    Made this and that was enough for dinner.


Tarte Titan ----Japanese Pear and Pancake Version

Tarte Tatin Pancake Version 
Somehow, felt an urge to have something sweet for dinner.

This was today's dinner :-)

Tarte Tatin, pancake version.

Also, it wasn't apple.  I used Japanese pear.

Very easy, you can make it in 20 min.  I used pancake mix ( about 75 grams or half of the packet) , half of the big pear ( sliced ), an egg, 3 tablespoonful sugar.
A teaspoonful butter.  That's all.

First, you need to use small sized Teflon-coated deep pan.  Spread butter on the bottom of the pan and 1/3 depth of the pan.  ( like making butter wall )

Stir the egg in a bowl.  Add milk.  Stir well again.  Then add pancake mix.
Mix well.

Place the sliced pear on the bottom and make a few layers.  Add sugar.
Start cooking.  Water comes out of the pear.  Keep cooking till the water evaporates and disappear.

Pour the pancake dough into the pan to cover already sitting pear.
Close the lid.  Make sure the heat is very low.

Cook for 10 min.  Flip the pan onto a plate!  Ta-da-.  Voila!  Bon Appetit!


Cateriam --- Cat Cafe in Shimokitazawa

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Was a bit busy last week mainly from research task.

Friday night I decided to escape to a dream world..... that is a cat cafe.

This cafe currently has 11 cats.

You can try for 30 min. without drink and for 500 yen or stay for an hour with one drink for 1000 yen.     You can ask them to play with you (!) or simply enjoy watching them.       Felt content after playing with them and watching.

Thanks to cats.   I love you all :-)
Azuki ( Red Bean ) Latte


Shonan Club in Shimokitazawa

Sautéed Corn

Flavorful Fish Head 
Nice dinner with a friend of mine and also a business associate.

Both of us live in same area and actually our places are just 3 min. apart.    Naturally, we chose somewhere close...

Food was excellent!

Shonan Club- Garden Kitchen is a cozy, small restaurant where you can enjoy green garden from big windows.

Since we had typhoon yesterday, they didn't show up, but when it's clear, a family of raccoon come visit their garden.

Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Cheese Risotto

Nectarine and Prosciutto
The wife of the owner speaks English. They have English menu also.

When you come to Shimokitazawa, come out of West Exit.  Take a right and come up to the ground floor.

You will see 7/11, convenience store on your right.

Take a left at the first corner.

At the end of the street, you will see this restaurant.

Their cuisine is Italian and Japanese.
Compared to those places located in central area in Tokyo, I would say, their prices are quite reasonable and you will enjoy their homey, warm hospitality.


Try Japanese Peach!

Peach Sandwich
I love seasonal fruits.

Japanese peaches are big and juicy.
Perfect for hot summer.

You could use prosciutto, grilled bacon instead of mozzarella.

The photo is today's breakfast.
Mozzarella cheese, basil and peach.   Since mozzarella is not salty enough, sprinkle some salt and pepper.   Yummy!