Nanakusa Gayu ----- Rice Porridge of Seven Herbs , Traditional Ritual on Jan. 7

This year again, I made this porridge for breakfast.   This is our ritual after holiday season.  During new year's celebration, we keep eating, drinking..... the stomach is exhausted by now.  So, this is supposed to help care of your stomach....mild, light porridge.  Also, these herbs are supposed to work to cleanse your internal organs.

We eat this wishing state of perfect health for new year.   So light.
It felt like digested within in hour :-)   That was perhaps good for the stomach.

Wishing you a healthy year for 2017!
Nanakusa (Seven Herbs )Gayu (Rice Porridge)


Osechi --- New Year's Feast..... Not so big, but still Enjoyed Ritual

Happy New Year!

Wishing you a happy 2017 and food-full year ( !) !

Small, yet still traditional osechi.

Feeling blessed having this ritual this year again.

Will be back again soon.  Last year, didn't write much I realized.    This year, I will write more.   Thanks for stopping by.


Reunion with a friend from NY then, Hawaii, now in Tokyo

 A friend from US is now living in Japan.   She is also an ex-coworker.

The last time I saw her was perhaps on a flight either to or from New York.

Almost 20 years ago!?     We were both excited to catch up with each other having these delicious Spanish lunch.
Atico Dos is a minute from Shimokitazawa Station.

We shared these and paid for around 1200 yen, which is such a good deal.
You will also enjoy their dinner.  Small, not snooty ambiance is a typical example of Shimokitazawa restaurant.

Turned out that this friend lives fairly close to my place.

Looking forward to more outings with her.


Rice or Bread?

Haven't written for a while, so quick posting for now.

Do you eat bread for breakfast?   For us, Japanese, we have options.

Rice or bread?   If it's rice, rice, some small dishes plus miso soup.

I am thinking right now.   Do I want rice or bread?   In winter, I like something soupy for breakfast.  I can go with bread, and then carrot soup or something.

Or, I can have rice, spicy cod roe and grated radish, nikujaga, which is potato, carrot, onion and beef, cooked in sugar, soy sauce and sweet rice wine etc.

When I get up, I will see how cold it is and ask my stomach and decide.

Good night.


Reunion @ Bistro Eureka in Shimokitazawa

 A week ago, a former boss, his current colleagues came to Shimokitazawa.

I made a reservation at this cozy, bistro.   Feels like " you are in Paris."

Enjoyed catching up with him....

Funny part is he still talks about our Paris trip.   That's almost 7, 8 years ago?    We were working on some government's projects and needed to visit several schools there.   One of the famous schools is FEMIS, an elite film producers school.

While staying in Paris, I was able to see some friends living there, my boss and I enjoyed local cuisine, some free time......  just before our departure, we finally discovered "authentic"  fish soup..... Soup de Poisson.   When we left the restaurant, we were satisfied and literally full.

But!  At the airport, I wanted to have some palate cleanser.... but didn't want to mention that.... I was already known by my boss as a " big eater" and I wanted to put some chunks of sugared lemon/ginger peels into my mouth.

He went to the bathroom.  "  OK, now!  "  I put some into my mouth.... while I was busy putting more into my mouth..... he came back and found me.

"......... I can't believe you are eating again......"   He was taken aback....

Oh, well..... since then, he tells everybody this story.... over and over....Thank you very much!  LOL.

Last week, he was telling other people this story..... so?    I love eating!!!
Great Amberjack Carpaccio 

Cooked Beef 

Kamaboko & Chikuwa Fish Paste

Kamaboko - Fish Paste
Have you tried Kamaboko or Chikuwa?

Made of fish paste, you might have eaten it w/ Udon noodle, Ramen etc.

I had a privilege to try the course dinner last month.

According to this company, Yamasa Chikuwa, they change the fish depending on the season.  Didn't know that.

This was the starter of the course.  


Tokyo International Film Festival ---- AFURI's Ramen Noodle

Yuzushio Ramen @ AFURI
I would like to write about Chikuwa next since I was invited to a fabulous Chikuwa Dinner last week.

There are many pics and I'd like to take enough time for those....
Look forward to the report!

So, let me show you Ramen today.

AFURI has several shops in Tokyo and one in Kanagawa.  Ramen AFURI

Last night was opening of Tokyo International Film Festival --- TIFF.

A friend of mine got tickets for " Florence Foster Jenkins".   This title was official opening film for the festival.   I was told Meryl Streep was coming to greet to the audience!   Yes, I immediately responded.    She was beautiful, witty, charming.
There are much more adjectives to admire her.

Anyways, before the movie, we met at AFURI Roppongi Hills Branch and had this.
Yuzu flavored shio (salt ) ramen.   mmmmmm, yum!

The movie was excellent.  You can laugh and cry.  Heartwarming.