WORKSHOP w/ Great Members

On Saturday, I participated in a 7 hour workshop.   The details are secret!, but I made great new friends there.

Learned a lot, laughed a lot.  Right downstairs of the place, there was an Indian restaurant.  Delicious two curries ( you can choose) , one drink, dessert are also included.  I had tried to focus on work for a while and also wanted to stay away from crowds, but this gathering was timely.

I do enjoy parties and meeting many people, but there are some seasons.... this season means psychological ones.  While sometimes my heart and energy are just like summer and enjoy " fireworks", there are some other seasons like fall or winter to nurture inner-self in tranquil settings.

Feels like I am in winter now.  For upcoming spring, this is the season to prepare and grow invisibly.    Feeling blessed to have great supporters around me.

Lady's Set ( spinach curry & chicken& egg plant curry)


Oh Yes, We Have Shake Shack Here.

Shake Shack Japan   has two shops in Tokyo.

One ( the first one ) is in Jingu-Gaien and the 2nd shop is in Ebisu.

Apparently, there are still lines.....I can't wait that long, meaning I have not tried them yet.

Yes, I just wanted to mention this since I wrote I started listening to Danny Meyers' Book.    ( The founder of Shake Shack )

We have Wendy's, Burger King, Taco Bell, KFC etc.... have heard that In -N- Out is coming soon?  ( I forgot where and when ..... )


Egg Plant and Shakespeare

My brain was so happy reading books this weekend. 
Back to classics..... read Shakespeare's " King Lear" and " Othello" .

When I was younger, perhaps I didn't understand them well enough.
Now I know!  Fabrication, Lies, Betrayal, Envy, Loyalty, Integrity, Fishing Expedition, Suspicion, Misperception, Pride, Greed, Love, Consideration, etc.etc..... 

Doesn't look old at all.  Enjoyed both, these are my favorites in his tragic ones.
During college days, I studied " Sonnet" along with Keats , Sherry...but have no recollection of taking Shakespeare's other classes.

Nature of human beings.  Learning a lot again from his stories.

It was hot today, so had this with chilled cold ( yet non-alcohol ) beer!

Deep Fried Egg Plant in Sweet & Sour Soy Sauce


Danny Meyer's Audio Book

For my English study and learning things, I am subscribing to Audible which is under Amazon's umbrella.   My new acquisition is this one, the founder of Union Square Cafe, Shake Shack etc.....   Since I teach hospitality English including cross-cultural mindset, am hoping to learn something from this book.  Narrated by himself.     Since there is still long line at Japan's Shake Shack, I have not tried them yet.   Will be different experience if I visit them after reading ( listening to ) this book.   Can't wait.

Spring Collection 2016 Bread, Clam and Shrimp

What is this?  Guess!

I 'd like to avoid " Spoiler Alert! " So, I will not explain too much.
This will be something later.... can you guess?     The process is more important.  
Clam Dish
Grilled Langoustine Shrimp


NOMA --- World's Top Restaurant Movie

They just finished Tokyo and moved onto other regions.

Shoot.  I missed it.  Lately, theatrical movies cycle is too short.

NOMA --- Danish Restaurant's Documentary

If it comes back here to small theaters, I can't miss it or I will watch it on DVD or NETFLIX...

NARISAWA's dishes have stories, arts and beautiful presentation as well as international staff's multilingual explanation.

It seems NOMA's dishes and their style is similar to NARISAWA.
Or maybe it is the trend now.

Spring Collection 2016 Continues

Finger Sushi

Add caption
This whole course is called Spring Collection 2016.

The ingredients are from all over Japan.

The top plate is Kobe beef and Ise Prawn sushi. The soup stock is made of sea snake indigenous to Okinawa.

Yes, they actually have the soup in Okinawa.

The bottom is sea bream from Akashi, Hyogo Prefecture.